July 11, 2007

Whats My Name Again?...

So... a little bit about myself. My name is Kandice or as my husband refers to me in his blog "Kay". I'm married to my best friend called "Matt". When Matt and I were first dating, we had about ohhh nothing in common. That soon changed. Now we share a ton of interests. Its like Paula Abdul once said.. "opposites attract". We began dating in 2002 when he rescued me from another drama filled night with my mom by whisking me away to ghetto mall to see Lilo and Stitch. Nothin like a kids show at a dollar movie for a first date...but i guess it worked. We married in 2005 and have never been happier. While we were dating, Matt's ultimate goal was to make me understand that marriage is not a fairytale. In real life I had never witnessed a successful marriage, so I looked to the movies. I wanted to be the princess that got carried away into the sunset on a white horse named Lola. It didn't have to be with Mel GIbson in Braveheart, but it was fun to think about. I didn't understand Matt's thinking for along time, we even fought about it until one day it hit me like bird shit falling from the sky. If you go into a marriage with fairytale expectations, disappointment will follow. Hell, in real life Mel GIbson is a 51 year old alcoholic. Marriage is like a job, you have to work at it every day. However, once you realize that it is something that you have to work for, its not so much work anymore. Since we married, its been smooth sailing and in more ways than one, has even turned into my own little fairytale. We bought a broken house and fixed it up to be our own. Remodeling is an ongoing project but so much fun. We have two wonderful dogs that think they are human, and a cat that thinks she is better than a human. We love the outdoors, we camp or backpack every chance we get. Currently we're looking into purchasing property to build a cabin on. Ive always dreamed of having a cabin one day and am so excited that it may become reality soon. Its like someone that I admire very much had once said, "a cabin is a place to make memories." Well, Matt's back from another trip to Lowes, that being said, I'm off to framing the basement.

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