August 18, 2007

2 years!

Last weekend was our 2 year anniversary. I never thought marriage would be so great but it just keeps on getting better. We decided this year to celebrate with a car camping trip. We've been on a few backpacking trips this summer but had not made it car camping yet. It was the perfect choice, not only because we had a blast together, but with so much remodeling going on at home the fundage is a little tight. We've been lucky so far as we've been able to do all of our remodeling without so much as touching a credit card. We decided on our favorite car camping spot up American Fork Canyon. It was gorgeous as usual. Highlights were : Seeing two moose coming down for a drink, several curious deer hanging around the camp, throwing the ball into the lake for the dogs, watching Sam dive in the lake after the ball, watching the birds of prey fly overhead, catching salamanders, reading, snuggling with the hubby, watching some dumbass ATV driver who was riding where he should not have been getting stuck in the mud, freaking our as something VERY large walked around the outside of our tent, hoping that that something was just a moose and not a bear, and of course..getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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