August 28, 2007

Abbie's Home

Abbie came home! I hadn't mentioned it in my blog as I've been in some state of denial, but she went missing last Thursday. The worst part of the story is that when she got out, she was in heat. Yes.. believe it or not... me, the one who is always preaching about how irresponsible people are when they let their pets have litter after litter has a cat that isn't fixed. Its something I have just kept putting off as I haven't wanted to get up an extra hour early for work to take her in. I just figured it wasn't a big deal since I keep indoors, unless of course....SHE GETS OUT! duh. Pregnant or not pregnant I'm just so glad that she's home. I've been driving myself mad wondering where she could be and if she was okay. She's not exactly street smart since I've never really let her outside..which accounted for most of my guilt. She's a little roughed up and thin but she looks good. Sam was happy to see her. He hasn't left her sight since shes been home...its so much fun to watch. Well its 11:30 pm and Mr. Matt's in bed. Think its time I join him. Here's some pix of her getting a if she hasn't been through enough :).

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