August 10, 2007

No human Kids Yet

Ours kids consist of 2 dogs and a cat. Gabe is a German Short hair who is almost 10 years old. Matt got Gabe when he was just a little bit older than a pup. As Matt was on his way into the pound to find a puppy companion, Gabe's owners were walking into the pound to drop him off. It was love at first sight as Matt took the dog and neither of them ever made it into the pound. Sometimes I wonder if Gabe's previous owners knew what they were giving away as Gabe is the smartest most well behaved dog I have ever seen. Lately he has been showing signs of old age...its heartbreaking.

Sam is a Border Collie/Lab mix. He is 3 years old with the energy to go with it. Matt and I picked Sam out together, well somewhat together. He was the first dog I layed eyes on as I walked into the pound and I knew at that second that he was the one. He was so sad at the time and wouldn't even respond to me as I called him over to the gate. Matt disagreed with me as Sam was nothing like what he was looking for. We looked at all of the dogs there and of course went home with Sam. Every once in awhile I throw in an I told you so as Sam is perfect. His personality is so much fun and yet sweet at the same time. We were lucky as he picked up on Gabe's obedience pretty quick and we were able to bypass doggie training school altogether.

Abbie is our Siamese cat. She will be 2 yrs old in October. Matt was surfing the net online at school one day and found her out of the blue. He brought her home to surprise me. Surprise me it did as we had never thought about getting a cat. I was worried about how the dogs would interact with her. Later I found out that there was nothing to worry about. Sam and her are best friends..constantly playing and running around the house together. She seeks Gabe when she is tired as he more calm and easier to cuddle with. She also loves to clean them. Nothing can replace the loyalty of a pet. It doesn't matter how bad your work day is, when you get home and see how happy they are to see you, it all just simply goes away.


I am Matt said...

we got the best-est kids.

kaitlin said...

Oh I think your little guys look just like their daddy. Matt must be proud! Hahaha.