August 27, 2007

Bread and Pie

So...highlights over the weekend were...

Took the dogs to the dog park on Thursday. Note to summer...please don't leave me. We worked a ton on the house both inside and outside. If everything goes smoothly the basement will be sheet rocked tomorrow and the grass will be laid Saturday. It's so exciting to watch everything come together. Sunday morning we went to Ruth's Diner for brunch. Somehow we ended up at Ikea. I think I managed to find something for every room in the house. It really is the dollar store for furniture. I was a good girl though and didn't purchase anything....yet ;). Its Monday now and Matt should be just about finished with class. I see he managed to devour the rest of the blackberry pie I had made. Back in the day, my grandma had always wanted to teach me to make homemade bread and pie. I never did as I just figured "why make it if you can buy it". One of my many regrets is not letting her teach me. I had never realized how much I loved her home cookin til it was gone. Ive made homemade bread a dozen times now and still it never tastes quite like grandmas bread. It does however put a smile on Mr. Matt.

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