October 11, 2007


Its official..winter is here. What happened to fall? Who knows.. I must have blinked too long cause I missed it. So..Abbie's pregnant. Yes I'm embarrassed as I've always been an advocate of spaying and neutering but I didn't have the heart to abort them. Shes due to have them in just a few weeks and I'm getting excited. I'm hoping that she will just have one, then we will keep it and all will be grand. She is a lot more affectionate now that shes pregnant, if only people were the same way :).

Two weeks ago we spent the weekend in Park City with Kaitlin and her hubby. One of our
patients let us stay in her hotel/condo located right on main street in Park City. The rooms there go for around $500 per night. We had a blast, not to mention it was a very well needed get away. Can you say "hot tub on the roof".. Need I say more? We went to breakfast, browsed the shops, and lounged. They even had a farmers market...right outside the front door.

Last weekend I went to Lagoon with the family. We've made it a tradition to go every October. Why October you ask? Because its cheaper at the end of the season Duh! Its also when they do Frightmares, we like to do the haunted houses there. I didnt take a ton of pics but here are a few..

And lets not forget this picture...

Ps..the wicked was a BLAST!
This weekend our plans are to: Finish repairing the fence, work on some landscaping in the yard, take a morning drive to Logan to look at the fall colors, Black Diamond ski swap, and a wedding.

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