October 16, 2007

Weekend Drive

Have I mentioned lately how much I love won tons?? Well I do! Mr. Matt just left for school. He cut back his schedule from 3 classes to 2, I think this will be really good for him as one can only have so much on their plate at a time..unless were talkin bout won tons HA! My original plan was to work on getting our emergency kit put together, but somehow a nice hot bath with a new book sounds so much more appealing. Ive been on the prey for a hot tub. Matt's letting me get one for the backyard and I am so FREAKIN excited! If you know me, you know I don't do the cold well. I am the girl who walks into the house in the winter and is immediately either sitting on the heater with a blanket over me or running a hot bath, so naturally a hot tub is somewhat of a dream of mine. Just found 2 hopefuls on ksl.com Ive compromised and agreed to buy a used one instead of the 7 grand bull frog that I originally fell in love with. I figure to compromise will only benefit me in the future when Mr. Matt decides to come home with the jeep classifieds :). Last weekend we took a drive up to Logan to check out the fall colors in the canyons. Needless to say..it was BEA-utiful!

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