January 07, 2008

Where To Start

Where to start... So much has happened since I last wrote. The kitties are gone now. They were so much fun while we had them as each one had its own personality and all 3 were so different from each other. MoMo was the boy. He was the most independent of them, he did everything first. Bella was the female with the most beautiful face, her and MoMo played constantly. She was a follower, very timid and shy. And then there was Chole.
Chloe had my heart from the beginning. She was the runt of the litter but LOVED people. If you were in the room she was at your feet. I would stand in front of the bathroom mirror in the morning and she would climb from the floor up to my shoulder and just sit there. Oh and ps..she was a cuddler :). Giving them away was hard for me as I had so much guilt for letting Abbie get pregnant in the first place. I felt like if these kittens got bad homes and had miserable lives it was all my fault. I know Im PATHETIC for sure lol. However, of the 15 or so calls we got the morning we put them on KSL.com, I feel really good about the homes they went to. My co-worker got MoMo and took the most adorable pic of her son and him.

Stella Stella Stella...where to begin. We got a third dog. Gabe is getting older now and doesn't like to rough around like he used to. Our hopes was to find a dog that Sam could go at
it all day with as he has so much energy. It worked... Sam and Stella were a perfect match, they played together nonstop. However, it came at a price. After we got Stella, Gabe began to withdrawl from us. We began to notice that if Stella wasn't around, Gabe was his old self but when she was, it was like she overwhelmed him and he withdrew.
That was the kicker that forced us the make the decision to give her back to her foster mom. If it weren't for the issue with Gabe,
we may have been able to deal with the fact that she chewed up everything, or that 3 dogs can be well ... honestly overwhelming. We had her for a month and a half, and if things were different,or maybe it was a different time in our lives...Stella would have made a great family member. I wish nothing but the best for her and pray that she finds a good home.

The holidays have come and gone since i last wrote. Believe it or not, we were able to keep the family drama to a minimal this year. Santa was very good to us...i got my hotub!!!

And let me tell you..i think that is the best investment santas ever made :). Matt got his big screen TV and his Xbox 360. And ps...our basements done!!! Mind you there are still some finishing touches such as 2 closets need shelves and some base boarding still needs to be done, but everyone deserves a break right lol. There are already projects lined up for the spring, so a break sounded like a good idea. Now we just need to get the dish hooked back up lol.

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