March 31, 2008

A Breath of Fresh Air

Its Monday and I officially had a vacation day :). We stayed in a bed and Breakfast last night located up the canyon in Woodland. It was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! Mountains and farmland together make a very peaceful landscape. We spent the evening eating junk food and watching episodes of LOST. The room was nice, a large sliding door window in the bedroom with a great view of the mountains. It was not the cleanest room, but it was a quaint country cottage so what can you expect. The whole room was done old style country including an aluminum bucket shower.

And how could we forget our after breakfast dessert :)
After we had gotten into town this morning, Matt took me bowling:). We both did particularly awful but had a blast anyways!!
Shauna (sister in-law) and her now husband Bill are currently in Costa Rica. They married on Saturday on the beach. Shauna if you read this...I am so happy for you. Bill is a great guy and you are great together. I wish you nothing but happiness! I can't wait to see pictures. Meanwhile, we are puppy sitting Stoli for them. The first few days were a lil crazy as she was in the process of adjusting and well... bouncing off of the walls with energy. But now that shes a bit more settled, its been great. She's still got a lot of pup in her but shes definitely got the personality to make a great dog for life. Here are a few pics.

This was just after I had given them a bath today...
This is a video of Stoli falling asleep on our way home from Camp Bark Alot. I actually got a better video of it but it was too dark to see her eyes.

March 28, 2008

At One With Nature

We had to cancel our first backpacking trip of the year :(. We had planned to backpack into Havasupai Falls this weekend but had to cancel due to 1: Weather issues and 2: Car issues. This hit me really hard as I have been overly excited about getting away and leaving some recent family drama behind. I feel so helpless as I watch family member after family member fall into the evilness of addiction. The latest, my 13 yr old sister. How do you help a child that has no rules or boundaries. There is no consequences for her actions and instead of learning from the destruction that loved ones have caused to themselves and the people around them, she is modeling after them. One of them, my 19 yr old brother. I tear up when I think of how much potential he has. The boy has what it takes to really make it in this world, I've seen it, but has no one to show him how get there. My mom, lost in her own addictions, feels as though punishing them would be hypocritical and is more concerned with being "friends" with them than giving them what they need, a parent. Backpacking is such a release of stress for me. There is truly no better way to put life back into perspective than spending a few days at one with nature. We bought brand new backpacks for this year.
Every pack I've used in the past has been boughten from a swap meet so I can't wait to try one that has actually been fitted to me. I can't wait to get to try it out.

On a bright note, to make up for the canceled trip, Matt's made reservations to a cute little bed and breakfast in Kamas. I love to stay in b and b's as each one is so different. Someday when I'm a lil old cotton top, I would love to own one somewhere out in the country with a great view and a balcony that wraps entirely around it.

Matt bought us tickets to A Fine Frenzy for next Tuesday, I'm so excited!!! It's at the old Avalon so that should be interesting. I used to go there to watch the hypnotists when I was a youngin.
A fine frenzy