April 23, 2008

I Did It!

So I did it! I finished the Master Cleanse. I make it 10 days. Thats 10 days with absolutely no food. I have never fasted a day in my life so I was really skeptical as to if I would be able to finish. My goal had been to make it to day 8. The third and fourth day were hell, but after that it wasn't that hard at all as I began to lose all cravings for food. So what benefits did I get out of it?

1- I lost 6 and a half pounds
although I am sure that I have gained a few of them back since I began eating again on Sunday.

2- They say once you lose a sense, your other senses will become stronger to make up for it. I was amazed at my newly found sense of smell. I could smell everything... and I mean EVERYTHING.

3- I have lost all cravings for junk food. The entire time I was on the cleanse, I was dreaming of what my first real meal would be. It of course changed everyday from Veggie Burgers and Homemade fries to Cafe Rio Salad to a whole package of saltines to the famous cheese fries at Outback Steakhouse which by the way were recently voted "worst food in America" with a whopping 2,900 calories. I was however very surprised that by the time the cleanse was finished, all of those craving had subsided. I have had Pepsi twice since I finished and It has done nothing for me where before I would down 4 Pepsi's before a meal was served.

4-It was a great mind game. It made me realize that the majority of the time that I eat, its not because I'm actually hungry but more so because the food is there. I was very much reminded of what a hunger pain feels like and it was something that I hadn't felt in a very long time.

So what was my first meal you ask...Yummy Watermelon! And let me tell you, it was a YUMMY Watermelon.
Will I do it again? Yes, I have already decided on January. I figure what better time to clean out the junk in the trunk than right after the holidays? Next time Mr. Matt and I will do it together instead of the 2 weeks apart that we did this time around. I think that my goal for next time will be 13-15 days.

So is it Spring or Winter? I'm still not sure. I actually pulled my winter coat back out of the closet this morning. On the other hand, my confused tulips are finally doing this....
And This.... And for my trees... News Flash! Roller Derby is back! We went to the first bout last Saturday and it was a blast! If I didn't think it would get in the way of our backpacking and camping trips planned for the summer, I would buy season tickets in a second :). Go Bomber Babes!! The weekend before last we got to have our niece over for the night. It was a blast! We rented What a Girl Wants, went to the dog park, and made a cake for her to take home as a housewarming gift. She very quickly became Sam's best friend as he LOVES kids. Things to look forward to in the next few days: Wise Guys with an old friend, Date with my sisters, BBQ at Clint's house, Planting my garden, Love family dinner at sister Shauna's and Mr. Matt getting his skinny ass home so we can watch an episode of my new favorite series "How I Met your Mother" and finish the night off by soaking in the Hot Tub.


kaitlin said...

Awesome post Kandice... except for the fact that it made me feel like shit! Wasn't I supposed to be doing the master cleanse??? Then I find out i'm knocked up and i'm convinced I am the most un healthy person ever! I've resorted to pop tarts and watermelon (that pic of your watermelon totally made my mouth water). I swear i'm already worlds worst mother. I don't feed my child, let alone myself!! When I get back let's do the dog park. I'll call you!!

I am Matt said...

better watch out Squid will come kick your ass. 13 days ehh?