April 03, 2008

Sweet Dreams

We went to see A Fine Frenzy on Tuesday...It was Incredible! Her talent is phenomenal. A special thanks to Mr. Matt for surprising me with tickets to her show.

I keep having these reoccurring dreams. I was searching for a dream interpreter as I'm curious as to what they could possibly mean, but naturally they all cost an arm and a leg and who knows if its not all just BS anyways. Theres 3 dreams that I have at least once a month if not more. 1) I'm at an amusement park. It's Lagoon, but it never looks anything like Lagoon, I just know that it is. I get on a roller coaster, and just as it begins to go, the restraints fail. Sometimes its mine that fail but the majority of the time theres someone next to me and its their restraints that fail, I spend the whole ride frantically trying to hold them in. 95 % of the time its my little sister Hayley and the rest of the time its some random baby. I always wake up in a panic. 2) I go to put my contacts in and the are huge. Regardless of the fact that I'm looking at the contact and can obviously see that its way to big to fit into my eye, I keep trying because I know that I have had them in before and they fit fine then. I always wake up feeling extremely tense. 3) I'm somewhere other than home and my eyes start watering, then they start burning, burning to the point that I cant open them. I spent the whole dream trying function in some random situation but not being able to see other than a few split seconds here and there when I manage to crack my eyes briefly. I think it would be interesting to know how they tie into my everyday life and emotions since I keep having them over and over and....over again.

Mr. Matt went to see a movie with a friend. Gabe's giving me the "I'm waiting to cuddle up and fall asleep look" so I think I'm gonna turn on a movie and curl up with the pups. Stoli's obsessed with tormenting the cat so we'll go downstairs and give poor miss Abbie a break :)

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