June 01, 2008

Reality Check

Yesterday while at Mr. Matt's work, we met a guy who was hired to move some offices from the downstairs to the upstairs. He was wearing what looked to be a religious bag. It was beautifully handmade with very interesting stitching on it. When Mr. curious Matt asked him about his bag, we learned that he was a refugee from Burma and has only been here in the united states for 3 weeks. 3 weeks ..WOW. He learned to speak English in a refugee camp in Thailand after leaving Burma due to civil war. He was separated from his parents 10 years ago and came here completely alone with no family. After listening to his story, I know that I could never begin to understand what he has been through. The things he has seen are the things that I only read about in the newspaper while drinking my caramel macchiatto at the coffee shop. I could see the ambition and hope for a better life in his eyes while he emphasized over and over how there are no opportunities for the people in his homeland. While he was talking, I couldn't help but think of all of the fat idiots that are born here and live off of our welfare system because they don't want to work. So many people take what they have for granted. Hell, as of 2007 antidepressants were the most prescribed drug in the U.S. Meeting him was definitely a reality check for me. I had Mr. Matt give him our phone number in case he finds that he needs a friendly face. I hope he calls.

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