July 23, 2008


We went to Lagoon! I love love LOVE amusement parks but Matt....umm yea....he gets sick. So...needless to say I was totally excited when I found out that Matts company party was being held at Lagoon. He had no choice, he had to go. I got him on 6 rides before he was looking like he was gonna hurl. Have ya ever been on a ride with someone who looks like they may hurl at any moment?? And..keeping in mind that that someone just got done eating a hamburger AND a hot dog? After just 4 hours, we went home and spent the rest of the day chillin with the pups. Hey, it was f-r-e-e and now I get to say that Ive been to Lagoon with Mr. Matt. I'll go again during Frightmares when its cheaper, cooler, and there are shorter lines. My favorite rides are: The Spider, the bumper cars, and of course the White (or brown) Roller Coaster.
Yeah...he even got sick on this one.

The White Coaster was my favorite ride of the day.

Love the Spider!

We didn't get to go on the Wicked as the line was Crazy Long.

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