July 28, 2008


We had MiniMatts family over for a BBQ on Saturday. I must say that it went GREAT! I absolutely love their whole family. BBQ included: Hamburgers, Hot dogs, Water Splashing, Veggie Burgers, Laughing, Picture Sharing, Shauna Pasta, Puppy Friends, Races, Watermelon, Double Dares in the Pool, Cake, Cartwheels, Story Telling, and Episodes of Mr. Bean.

Sunday was a challenge. We'll just say that I was feeling very emotional, feeling as though the whole world was against me. This of course caused a big fight between Mr. Matt and I ending with swollen eyes (from crying) and cucumbers stuck to the ceiling. Don't worry...it didn't last long and there was a happy ending. Now we love each other again ;). We ended the day by going to a movie and later getting a Tigers Blood Slushy... Yum!

Today has been quite a day.

Highlights Include:

-Finding out that sister Hayley LOVED her community service project. Yes, what she did to get community service is not cool BUT...and its a big BUT....I really believe that this will benefit her in more ways than she'll ever know. I think its one of those blessings in disguise.

-Brother Tyler getting talk of promotion to a management position at his new job on the FIRST DAY! I am so excited for him.

Mr. Matt coming home from hiking with Minimatt and his brother full of stories of how much fun they had.

Exercising....it felt so so good to run some tension off.

Downfalls Include:

Washer Flooding the laundry room and the closet in Matt's office... AGAIN! Anyone selling a washer?

Mom going to jail.....AGAIN!

Pigging out on a burrito and greasy potato fries right after working out.

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