August 12, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Dear Mr. Matt,

Thank you for Making me dinner after a long day at work.
Thank you for Making me laugh.
Thank you for Making sure the hot tub is always ready for me.
Thank you for Our Sunday walks to the Brew Monkey with the pups.
Thank you for Helping me to be a better person.
Thank you for Eating my vegetarian meals.
Thank you for Introducing me to backpacking.
Thank you for Being my best friend.
Thank you for Loving to mow the lawn.
Thank you for Taking care of me when I'm sick.
Thank you for Being such a good cuddler.
Thank you for Taking me to Lagoon even though it made you sick.
Thank you for Throwing me into the car to get a Tigers Blood slushie when I'm feeling down.
Thank you for Thinking that I am beautiful.
Thank you for Cleaning the house so that I have time to exercise and work in the garden.
Thank you for Going without so that we can save money.
Thank you for making me feel safe and providing me with security.
Thank you for Writing me random I love you cards.
Thank you for your patience.
Thank you for Watching chick flick movies with me.
Thank you for Making me feel like the luckiest person EVER.

I just wanted to let know know that I am so thankful for everything that you do for me.
Happy Anniversary

August 06, 2008

Two More Days...

Two more days until we get to go camping! Still not sure where we are gonna go but we have decided on Car Camping. Its gonna be the perfect way to celebrate our 3... yes THREE year anniversary! I can't express how excited I am to get away for a few days.

We are now into our third month of our "Financial Diet" and I am so excited. We have made it a goal to pay off our house. This will be accomplished by working really hard and spending lots of Nothing. Any extra money after bills goes towards the mortgage. So far, it has been a lot easier than I ever thought it would be. Where did we get our inspiration? The Dave Ramsey Show. I dream of the day that we can call and scream WE'RE DEBT FREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Last night we indulged on corn on the cob. What is so special about that you ask??
Well I'll tell ya...WE GREW IT!!! Its so rewarding to pick and eat your dinner from your backyard. Now if only we could get our tomatoes to turn red so we can make salsa...I can't wait!

I thought this news story was funny cause Sam catches the yawns from me all the time. Its hilarious.

August 04, 2008

Green Tea with Raspberry and Honey

This is officially my new favorite drink. This drink has been great have around since I have tried to eliminate carbonated beverages from the diet. I have to say that I would now prefer one of these over a Pepsi and if you know know that that was not easy for me say (or write haha).