September 28, 2008

Family Fun

This weekend proved to be quite busy. I finally got some of the deep cleaning in the house finished which took up almost all of Saturday (taking in to consideration that I lollygagged through most of the morning portion), Matt built some shelves for storage in the laundry room, the pups got an outside bath, and we finished off the weekend with the monthly Love Family Dinner.
Gabe and Sam weren't too happy about the bath situation.

Mr. Matt working on the shelves...I love being married to a handyman :)

Ben and Sheila recenlty found out that they are pregnant (16 weeks).

Sister Debbie and her new (well sorta new) baby Jordan.

Mr. Matt and niece Sonora

Our Family

Sister Shauna brought over the game "Apples to Apples". It ended up being a really fun game that was perfect for the large sized group.

This is the Love family
We have family dinner every month but its not very often that everyone is able to make it. Still minus Chad (brother in law) due to work, but everyone else is present.

Sam and cousin Mufasa playin tug-a-war

MiniMatt spent the day with us as well and was able to meet the family. It turned out to be a really nice day. Back to work tomorrow. Things to look forward to: Going to see "My Best Friends Girl", Lagoon with my family is next weekend, and we will soon be going to see the plastination exhibit.
Ps. I've failed on the quitting the nail biting idea...again. Will do better this week ;)

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!!! said...

This is more so a comment about your daily rant than this blog, although, I will say you look beautiful!

I always wondered why people didn't follow the "rules of the road" while shopping cart driving. That drives me crazy. I always thought I was the only one with that crazy logic.

AND! I don't understand the lollygaggers as well. When I go to Walmart, it's usually for a purpose, I don't like hanging out in the mayhem. But when it takes me 3 minutes to access the dryer sheets or a loaf of bread, I get so frustrated!

I miss you. We need our girl night soon.