September 21, 2008

Ghost Town

We just got home from seeing "Ghost Town". It was pretty funny or maybe I was just in need of a good laugh. The main character (Don't know his real name and feeling too lazy to Google it) was fun to watch. Between his English accent, his bluntness, and his cute little vampire teeth I rather liked the man. All in all...I would recommend it. The next movie I want to see is "My Best Friends Girl". First of all because its a romantic comedy, and secondly because I LOVE Kate Hudson and Jason Biggs. Although, for some reason unknown to me I can't stand watching Dane Cook. I tried to watch his last movie (once again I can't remember the name and I feeling too lazy to Google it) and had to turn it off mid-movie I was so annoyed with him. I'm thinking we'll have until this one comes to the dollar show since we're trying to cut back on the money spending.

On a random note: If you are into nature shows, I would recommend "Planet Earth" and "The Blue Planet". We had boughten "The Planet Earth" from Costco and loved it so much that my Dad bought us "The Blue Planet" for Christmas. They are so much fun to watch and are not as gory as some of the nature films on like PBS.

We went to the dog park today. That was a lot of fun as it was such beautiful weather. I so wish that there was one located closer to our house though. Its hard to justify using the gas to drive 30 minutes each way... but the dogs sure loved it. I would sit at the dog park everyday if there was one closer to us.

On a happy note: We are finishing the fourth month of our financial diet. So far so good :). I get so excited when I think about it.

Ps... I am quitting the nail biting habit...again....starting tomorrow. Wish me luck :).

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