September 05, 2008

A Post as Promised

What have we been doing for the last few weeks you ask??

We sold Gus (our Toyota Pickup Truck). Mr. Matt drove by it on the side of the road a few days later posted for quite a but more than what we had sold it for. Gus was sick, which is why we sold if for less than we could have so I hope his new owner doesn't scam someone into paying too much for him and then them ending up having to put in more money to fix him. Losing Gus was a sad day.

Since Gus is no longer we had to try out some new "Car Camping" locations. Note: It is more difficult to find secluded camping areas when you have no 4 wheel drive vehicle.

Trip to Willow Flats in Idaho:
Yes...Poor Miles (Honda) got stuck.

Me and mah Pups

Yeah...I really fell asleep like that.


It Rained.

We played Board Games.

Sam playing in the water.

Trip to Blacksmith Fork Canyon the very next weekend:

Love this Picture.

Gabe and Sam after playing in the water.

Our Camp

The bridge to Camp
Wouldn't be complete with out nap time

Last weekend I got to have Savanna (Niece) over for the night. We played with the pups, Colored pictures (I'm still sweeping up glitter off the floor), Painted finger nails, Watched Lilo and Stitch, and finished it off with a trip to the Wheeler Farm.

Savanna and Sam

Matt and Nana at the Farm

Saturday we went to the races at Rocky Mountain Raceway. While we were there, we met up with Mr. Matts riding buddy Rod and his family. It was a blast as always. Favorite is the Trains!!

Trains were fun :)
Trailer Racing ( it was just a tease for the following week)

Sunday we went on a random 6 hour drive. We visited Random towns I had never heard of...including Ophir, Rush Valley, Mercur, Clover, and Terra.
One highlight was seeing Wild Turkeys YES...Wild Ones. They sure don't look like the ones you see on the farms that are fattened until they can no longer hold there own weight and pumped with hormones.

Watched a classic I had never seen before called the Lost Boys. Cheezy... but I still loved it.

Tomorrow....Royce (Nephew) will be spending the night and MiniMatt's family is coming over for a BBQ. Will be busy but should be fun.


Trisha's blog said...

I love that you can fall asleep anywhere! We need to get together so we can teach you how to play speed scrabble - so much fun!!!!!

Meg said...

Love Lost Boys. Good times. :D Camping looks fun and your niece looks so sweet! (P.S. My nickname was 'Lilo' in Junior High.) Lol.