September 14, 2008

Why Must Weekends Always End?

Well its almost the end to another weekend. We had originally planned to go camping but when that didn't happen, we stayed home and chillaxed. Yesterday, I had an eye exam and lucky for me they did the glaucoma aka blast you in the eyeball with air test at the beginning. I dread that test every time. I find it nearly impossible to keep my eye open knowing that someone has their hand on the trigger waiting to blast you in the eyeball with air. Turns out my eyesight had changed dramatically. I first realized that when the Dr. says to me "Now what is the lowest line of letters that you can read" and my response was " there are letters on the screen?" haha. My right eye went from -4.00 to -5.25 and the left from -4.00 to -4.75. I couldn't get over how well I could see when I walked out with my new eyeballs in.

Today, MiniMatt (aka Matt's little brother from the Big Brother Big Sister Program) came over and we tried out a bunch of so called "party games" that we had boughten for the Xbox. We played Fusion Frenzy, Test Drive Eve of Destruction, and Burnout. All of them were pretty fun. Our Xbox 360 is preparing for a ride to Texas to visit the fix it shop. We have only had it since December and all of a sudden it is no longer reading the discs...instead it just says "Open Tray". They estimate about 3 to 4 weeks so in real time that means 2 to 3 months I'm sure. It's now 7:15 pm on Sunday and I think were either gonna chill outside with the pups til it gets dark or go for a walk. I ate so much for dinner I look like the girl for Willy Wonka that blew up like a blueberry... only without the whole turning blue part.


Meg said...

Burnout is fun stuff. ^_^ You must have taken a trip to the juicer if you looked like the blueberry girl. You weren't all blown up at work today! This weekend went so quickly...


Zackira's said...

I love reading your stuff. It reminds me why we have been friends since elementary. Then it makes me sad that I don't see you anymore.