October 03, 2008

Mr. Romantic

Matt had a few extra minutes to spare while waiting to pick me up from work today. I had thought he was waiting in the parking lot and when I was able to leave early I went outside expecting to surprise him. Instead he surprised me by driving up with a card and flowers. I know what your thinking and No...he hadn't even done anything wrong haha.

I am so Lucky.

We made curry for dinner and watched "You Me and Dupree". I had forgotten how much I loved that movie and somehow, I had also forgotten that Seth Rogen was in it (Love Seth Rogen).

Speaking of Movies. Went to see "My Best Friend's Girl" the other night with Megan. The movie was totally and completely different than I had expected but LOVED IT. It was a great laugh! Ps...Not a movie for the childrens ;).

Also..speaking of Seth Rogen (note 2 paragraph's back lol)...going to see "Pineapple Express" tomorrow. Looks kinda lame but its a "Freaks and Geeks" alumni movie so I must see. Will update with review.

We got our XBox back. I apologize for underestimating the jibberish speaking man that proved to be so efficient. Sorry Xbox man.

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Trisha's blog said...

When is Matt going to give BJ a few tips? By the way I think its cute that you still do MLK