October 12, 2008

Life is Good

Well it happened. I woke up this morning... and as I walked out to the hot tub, there it was....Snow.

A moment of silence please on behalf of my tomato plants............

This weekend was both relaxing as well as productive.

Most recently I have:

Started working out again.
Began taking more "Kandice Time"
Spending more time with friends and family.
Searching for new recipes as our dinners are currently in a rut.

Work is going great.
Home life is everything I could have ever dreamed of.
We are into the 5th month of our "Financial Diet"
Life is good.

I am now off to watch Jaws. Hopefully it won't give nightmares for a week like it did when I was a wee one.


Zackira's said...

What exactly is a financial diet?

A Better No Tomorrow said...

Its a goal to pay off the house in a 2 yr period. So basically we spend the bare minimum and the rest goes towards mortgage.

trisha said...

What happened to the Kandice I used to know? No Pepsi, no meat, you excercise and hang out with friends (except this one:)). Please tell me you still eat candy and pick up nails when you see them???

A Better No Tomorrow said...

Yeeeeeah......bout that. Ive fallen off the wagon (pepsi wise) this whole last week. But I had my fill and now I'm done... again lol. But yes of course I still pick up nails and I'll NEVER give up my greasy french fries haha! And yes...we really do need to hang out :)