October 31, 2008


Last Sunday, we took MiniMatt to the zoo. The weather was perfect. My favorite animals are the elephants, penguins, giraffes, monkeys, and pelicans. MiniMatts favorite were the Zebras, Giraffes, and the Reptile House. Matt...not so much. He's not the biggest fan of going to the zoo. he did however take some good pictures :).

Matt got pooped on by a bird in the reptile house.

I love Pelicans.

This monkey was hilarious! Reminded me of Sam.

I got attacked by an Alligator. He was in the children's playland of all places.

We finished off the day by going to family dinner at sister Shauna's. Had the camera with me but unfortunately didn't get any pictures taken.

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Trisha said...

You are such a nerd!!! :) How come you didn't come get my kids and take them to the zoo for me? You know I never will :) Looks like you had fun