November 30, 2008


This story scares me. What is wrong with people....and over what?... a new set of towels or an Elmo of somesort? Why do people get so caught up in THINGS? Note to people...please get your priorities straight.

A violent rampage for 30% off of a flatsceen TV...what is going to happen when the shit (pardon language) really does hit the fan in our country?? I worry.

Ps...Sidenote to have my permission to purchase the gun you have been wanting.

November 18, 2008

Ghetto Monday's

So we have decided to bring back Ghetto Magna Monday Night BBQ's. For those of you not from or familiar with Magna and the ghetto-ness it beholds, I will explain one of our many contributions we make to keeping Magna Ghetto.

Once upon a time (before we finished our backyard patio), we had what we called Ghetto Magna Monday Night BBQ's. This tradition consisted of backing the pickup truck into our driveway so that we could set up our mini "ghetto" barbecuer on the tailgate. We then pitched our "ghetto" lawn chairs in the driveway and consumed alcoholic beverages while eating various forms of meat.

The other night during random conversation, I made a comment stating how much I missed this little tradition of ours. It was at that moment that Mr. Matt declared that Ghetto Magna Monday Night BBQ's will become a tradition once again! He also added a little twist by deciding that after the BBQ on Mondays, we will bake a dessert together (aww sweet, I know). So here it is, our first Ghetto Magna Monday Night Dessert. Pumpkin Roll.

On a side note: I decided to play good wife the other night and baked a roast for Mr. Matt. He loved it and since he's the only one here that eats meat...he now has lunch made for all five days of the week haha.

November 14, 2008

Day 10!

Here we 10! I had mentioned before that my goal would be 12-15 days. News Flash...I have now decided that 10 days is more than long enough to go without food. I am so excited to drink orange juice and eat watermelon tomorrow. Big downside: The tea made me sick. As if it's not bad enough that you have to gag it down because it tastes DISGUSTING...every time I drank it I became sick to my stomach for the rest of the day. This didn't happen first time around although it was the same tea.

Next cleanse scheduled for 6 months time.

November 09, 2008

Mr. Matt bought me boots! I honestly don't think I have owned a pair of boots since I was like 10 years old. They are Sorels and they are super warm and cozy. Hoping to get the chance to use them in a few weeks.

Today is my 5th day on the cleanse. My sense of smell is getting stronger . Oddly enough since I cannot eat, I had the strongest urge to bake today. I made chocolate chip cookies and chocolate chip banana bread. Sister Sheila made banana bread at our last family dinner and I've been craving it again ever since. I got this recipe from Trisha and it's been our favorite since.

Banana Bread

In Blender: 2 eggs (or egg substitute)
1 C. sugar
1/2 C. oil
3 very ripened bananas
1 tsp. vanilla

In Bowl:
2 C. Flour

1/4 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. baking soda

Mix together. Pour into bead pan. bake 1hr at 350 degrees.
Note...I always add chocolate chips as I'm combining them together.

November 05, 2008

Master Cleanse

Well here we go again. Time to clean the junk from the trunk. Today is the first day of Cleanse. This is the second time so its comforting to remember that the after the first 4 was smooth sailing. Hopefully it will be the same this time around as well. The idea is to do the cleanse twice a year. Things I'm looking forward to:

Feeling healthier all around
Not craving the junk food (as much lol)
Better sense of smell ( I really do miss that)
Losing a few pounds isn't a bad side effect

Things I'm NOT looking forwards to:

The Smooth Move Tea!!!! (I hate this stuff)
What follows the Tea...bleh
The hunger... although that does subside after a few days.
Squeezing lemons (so far Mr. Matt has done it...I'm spoiled haha)

Ready set go....Wish me luck!

November 02, 2008


8 Random Facts:

I'm terrified of balloons. I almost always instantly get a headache if I'm forced to be close to them. This stems from a bad experience involving a: my little sisters birthday b: a good sale on balloons causing me to buy 3 times the amount originally planned and c: a really hot car in the middle of summer with air conditioning not included.

I love to drink the jalapeƱo juice from the jar. Matt hates this.

I'm a chronic nail biter. I know....disgusting. There has only been 2 times that I have grown my nails out since the 1st grade and neither time lasted more than a few weeks.

I tend to spend more time thinking about cleaning the house than it would actually take if I just did it.

I recently came out with this to my co-worker so what the hay.... I very secretively have always had a crush on John Goodman aka Dan from "Roseanne".

I love my family more than I think they know.

I am completely grossed out by candy wrappers and gum. Also, although straw wrappers alone don't really bother me....I can't stand a straw wrapper that has been rolled up.

I love love LOVE French fries. Even bad fried are good fries. I'm pretty sure that if I ever got stranded on a desert Island with the choice of one food...It would be fries. Sure I might die from a heart attack before the scary village people from the other side sacrificed me...but send me with a fry baby and an endless supply of potatoes and I'd be set.

I'm taggin Trisha, Megan, Kira, Monica