November 18, 2008

Ghetto Monday's

So we have decided to bring back Ghetto Magna Monday Night BBQ's. For those of you not from or familiar with Magna and the ghetto-ness it beholds, I will explain one of our many contributions we make to keeping Magna Ghetto.

Once upon a time (before we finished our backyard patio), we had what we called Ghetto Magna Monday Night BBQ's. This tradition consisted of backing the pickup truck into our driveway so that we could set up our mini "ghetto" barbecuer on the tailgate. We then pitched our "ghetto" lawn chairs in the driveway and consumed alcoholic beverages while eating various forms of meat.

The other night during random conversation, I made a comment stating how much I missed this little tradition of ours. It was at that moment that Mr. Matt declared that Ghetto Magna Monday Night BBQ's will become a tradition once again! He also added a little twist by deciding that after the BBQ on Mondays, we will bake a dessert together (aww sweet, I know). So here it is, our first Ghetto Magna Monday Night Dessert. Pumpkin Roll.

On a side note: I decided to play good wife the other night and baked a roast for Mr. Matt. He loved it and since he's the only one here that eats meat...he now has lunch made for all five days of the week haha.

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Sheila Mac said...

Thats the best part of pot roast, it can feed a guy for a week! Do you have a a crockpot soup recipe you'd like to share for Thanksgiving? I was thinking of making butternut squash with vegetable broth substitute....let me know.