November 05, 2008

Master Cleanse

Well here we go again. Time to clean the junk from the trunk. Today is the first day of Cleanse. This is the second time so its comforting to remember that the after the first 4 was smooth sailing. Hopefully it will be the same this time around as well. The idea is to do the cleanse twice a year. Things I'm looking forward to:

Feeling healthier all around
Not craving the junk food (as much lol)
Better sense of smell ( I really do miss that)
Losing a few pounds isn't a bad side effect

Things I'm NOT looking forwards to:

The Smooth Move Tea!!!! (I hate this stuff)
What follows the Tea...bleh
The hunger... although that does subside after a few days.
Squeezing lemons (so far Mr. Matt has done it...I'm spoiled haha)

Ready set go....Wish me luck!

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