November 02, 2008


8 Random Facts:

I'm terrified of balloons. I almost always instantly get a headache if I'm forced to be close to them. This stems from a bad experience involving a: my little sisters birthday b: a good sale on balloons causing me to buy 3 times the amount originally planned and c: a really hot car in the middle of summer with air conditioning not included.

I love to drink the jalapeƱo juice from the jar. Matt hates this.

I'm a chronic nail biter. I know....disgusting. There has only been 2 times that I have grown my nails out since the 1st grade and neither time lasted more than a few weeks.

I tend to spend more time thinking about cleaning the house than it would actually take if I just did it.

I recently came out with this to my co-worker so what the hay.... I very secretively have always had a crush on John Goodman aka Dan from "Roseanne".

I love my family more than I think they know.

I am completely grossed out by candy wrappers and gum. Also, although straw wrappers alone don't really bother me....I can't stand a straw wrapper that has been rolled up.

I love love LOVE French fries. Even bad fried are good fries. I'm pretty sure that if I ever got stranded on a desert Island with the choice of one food...It would be fries. Sure I might die from a heart attack before the scary village people from the other side sacrificed me...but send me with a fry baby and an endless supply of potatoes and I'd be set.

I'm taggin Trisha, Megan, Kira, Monica

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