December 07, 2008

Christmas Tree

In an attempt to get into the "Christmas Spirit", we blasted Christmas music courtesy of and put together our Christmas tree.

Has to start somewhere.

Maybe someday we will invest in a pre-lit tree :)

Gabe got tired of watching us and decided to sleep on the couch.

Matt putting hooks on the ornaments.

Setback: After we finished all of the decorating, Matt picked the tree up to scoot it back into the corner when the stand decided to crack in half. In this picture the tree is leaning against the wall.

After an emergency run to the store for a new tree stand...our tree was finished!!

You didn't think we could decorate the tree without decorating the cat now did you??!

1 comment:

Sheila Mac said...

Did Matt get a haircut? lol we still haven't gotten our Charlie Brown Christmas tree out yet, but I agree with pre-lit Christmas lights. Its the only way to go.