December 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby!

When all other means of communication fail, try words (Author Unknown)

For the most part, Mr. Matt and I communicate very well. But every once in awhile we hit a bump in the road and this weekend we crashed right into the bump. I particularly have a hard time talking to Matt about a few certain subjects and am famous for keeping things bottled up until I just well....Explode into tears. Yes I a friend once put it....I have a little bit of the crazies in me. Our marriage is more than incredibly great...but even great marriages take work and we/I need to work on our communication skills when it comes to certain topics. Just something to aim for:).

Happy Birthday Matt...I love you more than I ever thought possible to love someone. I look forward to spending many more birthdays with you (as long as they're yours haha).

For Mr. Matts birthday, we went to the exhibit Body Worlds as he's/we've been wanting to see it since it made its debut in town. So very interesting to see. I decided to make it extra exciting for Matt by passing out not even 15 minutes into it. No, I am not a sissy didn't have anything to do with the content we were viewing. I think it was due to lack of food, over exursion on the treadmill, stress, and the dark vs the lighting on the exibits that made me so dizzy. Anyways...can you say embarrasing! I am trying to talk Matt into taking a weekend trip to Vegas and making it a point to see the Body worlds exhibit there.

Sister Shauna threw a birthday party for him at her house complete with a homemade cake! Matt loved it. We played games and ate was a very nice evening.

Christmas is coming faster than ever and I (as always) have waited until the last minute to prepare. This upcoming week will be very busy.


The Lamberts said...

I think you passed out 'cause you're prego!!

Trisha said...

Do you feel bad that Bobs couch wasn't there for you to lay on after you passed out? I miss the old times :)