December 06, 2008


We finally took a vacation! It honestly feels like its been forever since we've gotten away. We originally started planning a vacation to either San Francisco or San Diego. Somewhere in the middle of trying to book flights, a rental car, and search for a Bed and Breakfast to stay in...I realized that it wasn't a run around hectic sort of vacation that I wanted....I wanted to RELAX. It was then that I found a little house nestled up in the mountains near Lava, Idaho called Abracadabra. This little getaway house was surrounded by beautiful scenery, tucked away from civilization, but still close enough to Lava that we could soak in the Springs and have a dinner date night. Bonus 1: this place was so reasonably priced that we were able to keep the vacation to just a few hundred dollars and didn't even have to touch our savings. Bonus 2: We were able to bring the pups with us.

The view from the patio was incredible.

Living room...I fell in love with the cozy fireplace.



Matt and I.

Matt eating his surprise cheesecake.
(courtesy of Megan)

Gabe Chillaxin.

Matt and the pups.

I love this picture of Gabe.

Sam outside on the patio.

Me filming deer
Matt filming me.

Picture of some deer. We were able to see deer in the mornings. Were hoping to see a moose but never did.

Pups wanting to come inside.

Morning picture.

Sam loved running through the bushes. We spent quite a bit of time removing stickers from his fur.

Getting ready to go to the Hot Springs.

Main Street.

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Trisha said...

When are you going to give some hints to BJ? I want to go on a vacation! Can you keep my kids:)