January 10, 2009

The Holidays

The holidays have now come and gone with surprisingly minimal drama involved :). I was so lucky to have gotten 2 very much appreciated 4 day weekends!

We had our annual Christmas Eve party with Mr. Matt's family.

Little Jordan with uncle Ben

Uncle Bill and Aunt Shauna

Christy, Aunt Sheila, and of course Havok

Christy received a bottle of whiskey during the white elephant gift exchange haha

I got the vibrator (for your back silly)

Sister Debbie stole it from me

Brother in law Chad got my yahtzee game

Kissy Kissy (he doesn't look so enthused lol)

Christmas day we had my side of the family over for presents and dinner. However, I lost my camera charger and my camera had died so I only have one picture to post from it.

Sister Hayley with the glasses that Shauna had left for her

Ken Dad came into town for about 10 days, it was hopefully a good break for him as it was well needed and deserved. Unfortunately, as soon as he got back on the road (hes a trucker) he became extremely sick. Hope you are feeling better dad.

For New Years we took a mini vacation over the weekend. It was A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Thank you JoAnn.

My car (the subaru) pooped out on us. Its a U-joint/tire issue but we are unable to drive it until it gets fixed. That being said, Mr. Matt has been carpooling me to work everyday. I love the extra time it allows us to spend together. Thanks Matt...I know how much of a pain it is going so far out of the way and having to wait for me to get off of of work. No worries though...you will have your freedom back as soon as you fix my car haha.

Rei is having their .83 cent sale! Everything in the store on clearance or ending with .83 gets an additional 50% of the already discouted price. There are so many great deals there and it goes on for 10 days!
This is what I got:
A pair of Teva shoes
Orig price $85
I paid $20
2 sports bras
Orig price $45 each
I paid $10 each
A sweater jacket
Orig price $60
I paid $30
A pair of gloves
Orig price $14
I paid $7
and a hat
Orig Price $30
I paid $15

I really wanted to stock up on long underwear for camping/backpacking but none of them seemed to be on sale. They are supposed to restock so I think it may be worth it to go back as we both need a new backpacking mattress and the selection was near nil by the time we arrived.

Today I am Rug Doctoring the carpets. Gabe finally make a mess that my spot bot just couldnt cut. When I'm done I am hoping to get some video game playing time in with the hubby and start the invitations for sister Sheilas baby shower.


Zackira's said...

You sure are busy!

Anonymous said...

The holidays have now come and gone with surprisingly minimal drama involved :).
Getting a Payday advance is just a few steps away