March 09, 2009

Random Trips to Nowhere

Every once in awhile we take a random drive to either breakfast or lunch in a city we've never been. We always have a lot of fun exploring small towns and spending quality time together. Oh and the pups love it. We recently did this two weekends in a row. On this drive we did a loop turning around near Gunnison.
This is a flooded house on the side of the freeway that we stopped to check out. At first we had thought it was sunken house but later realized that it was just flooded.

Matt with the pups in the car.

The scenery was pretty. Spring is finally almost here.

Pizza for Lunch. This place was totally vintage on the inside.

Only in a small town would you find this.

The following Saturday we took another drive and ended up at Bear lake. We had a lot of fun but dang it was COLD. We did this drive in a loop as well.

People Ice Fishing... Ick. I've got goosebumps just thinking about it.

Woodruff was one of the small towns we stopped in.

The town is filled with these old abandoned cabins.

Randolph was another small town we stopped in.

This is the town everything store. We stopped in for drinks:)

Bear Lake

Passing this led to a nice conversation about how much fun it would be to have a snowmobile haha

They look so cozy cuddled up in the back

I would most definatly say that the highlight of our trip was Matt discovering one of his old favorite CD's. The Thompson Twins. I didn't get any of the really good stuff on video but It's still hilarious.

On an awesome note: My tulips are coming up. I am so excited for Summer...I daydream about it all of the time. I took a picture so that I could display how completely awsome it is but I lost it when Matt was sorting pictures...Sad Times.

Another congrats to Ben and Sheila. Brock was born on March 2nd of 2009. So very cute and with a full head of hair.

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Random Trips to Nowhere
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