April 25, 2009

Lazy Saturday

Today We:

Took the dogs in for shots
Had a dog break my heart at the pound
Went to Breakfast
Watched the last 4 episodes of Jericho
Surfed the internet
Made a run to the store for random junk food
Stopped at Holiday for a Tigers Blood slushy
Cuddled with Gabe

Its been a great LAZY Saturday spent with the hubby.

And now that my eyes have rested for a few....we're off to watch a movie. It's not very often that Mr. Matt is content doing nothing so I gotta take advantage of it haha.

April 20, 2009

Update x a Few

Surprise! A post.
Someday I promise I'll get better at posting more often.

Last weekend we got to babysit nephew Brock along with the pups Mufasa and Havoc (spelling?).
Brock is such a good baby, I can't believe how easy he was to care for.


Mufasa, Havoc, Gabe and Sam
The weather was perfect for playing outside.



Feeding time.

We ended the weekend by having family dinner at the condo Ben and Sheila had stayed at that night. Thanks so much to Sheila for hosting.

The weekend before, Matt and I went on a Saturday drive to Delta, Utah. It was gloomy and rainy but so much fun. It's amazing how much the rain enhances the colors in the farmlands.

I just love driving to Nowhere.

Love this picture. I was trying to capture the Hawk or Crow perched on top.

Only in a small town.

Matt got out of the car and wrote MLK (Matt loves Kandice) in the mountain of sand.

This is currently my favorite dessert
Sticky Rice and Mango
(link to recipe)

We drove up to Ben and Sheilas on Easter. We played at the dog park, had our first BBQ of the season, and spent some time with Brock.

Matt at the BBQ.

Sister-in-law Emily stopped by with niece Sonora.

Matt took Wednesday (Tax Day) off too attend the tea party protest.
It was freezing outside.

lastly, I started my garden :). I am so excited to grow a garden this year. So far we have Peas, Onions, and Beets planted. (Beets are for Matt....ICK!)