May 31, 2009

Car Camping in Idaho

We went on our first camping trip of the year a few weeks ago. Now that we no longer have a 4x4 truck, we are limited as far as where we can go camping. The camp site we had intended on staying at was still covered in snow but this place worked great as a second choice.
Our Camp

Another View


Sam was in ball playing heaven.

Cooling off in the river for a quick second. Next....More ball.

Gabe with the ball

I know lots of pup pics...they are my babies

Matt cookin

Gabe absolutely hates lying in the dirt...sometimes I think he is more human than dog.

Me chilling with Gabe by the got pretty cold in the evenings.

Nothing like a wet dog lying on the table to make ya hungry haha

Me taking a nap.

Matt keeping himself busy while I took a nap.

Playing in the river.

Mr. Matt

My balancing act. We had a lot of fun on this thing ;)

Sam made it look easy.

Me and the pups.

We went on a small hike.

Love this Pic.

Family pic.

View of camp coming down from the hike.

Cleaning up in the river.

Some deer that came through camp.

Can you say "relaxation"

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