June 01, 2009

Weekend Fun

This past weekend was great! It was just the prefect amount of activity vs relaxation.

Matt took me out to Dinner on Saturday night. I chose to go to the Bombay House. It was so delicious. Seriously, their flatbread is the best! I ordered 2 extra to take home with us. These are pictures of us goofin around in the car just before we left.

Backing up a little bit. Saturday morning we woke up at 2:30am for a hike up Grandeur Peak. We started the hike at the trail head at 4am. And just as every other time we set our alarms for a sunrise hike...my alarm went off and my mind instantly started frantically thinking of every reason why we should stay in bed and save the hike for another day.
Me: "Noooooooooooo! I cant do it!! I cant do it!!
It is then that Mr. Matt earns his patient points by encouraging me to stick to the plan telling me "You'll have fun once your up there."
And just like every other time...he was right. It was so worth it. I love the feeling of being the only car parked at the trail head and knowing that you are the only people on the mountain.

Walking up to the trail head
(at 4am, the parking lot at the trail head is still closed)

Just before the sunrise

The pups had so much fun

View of the city from the top

After the hike, we went to The Original Pancake House for Fresh Fruit Crepes. Once we got home, we took an hour nap. I slept sooo well.

Next, Sheila brought Brock by and we got to babysit him for a few hours. He is such a good baby. I just love watching him.

Sam put himself in the picture...I guess he was feeling left out :)

Sunday was very relaxing. Matt went on a ride for most of the morning. I worked out while watching Lost, had breakfast, and started cleaning up the house. When Matt got home, he took over the cleaning I was doing so that I could sit outside and read a little bit. Next thing I knew, I had fallen asleep on my blanket outside and Matt was waking me up.
Next. Clint's house for a BBQ. Let me tell you...Mr. Clint KNOWS how to BBQ. The food is always the best!

It really was a great weekend :)

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