August 09, 2009

Butterfield Canyon

After a morning at the dog park, we took a drive up Butterfield canyon.

It was surprisingly very green.

Overlook of the city.

Gabe and Sam.

Looking down into Kennecott mine at the top of Butterfield Canyon.

When we arrived home, we declared it bath time.

I'm convinced that there is no word that Gabe hates more than "Bath". Once the word "Bath" is said out loud, a game of hide and seek is sure to follow as he is gone and hiding in an instant.
The entire time you are bathing him he looks up at you with his pitiful, pouting eyes making you feel like the worst person in the world for wanting a clean puppy.

Sam doesn't love bath time, but he also doesn't dread it like Gabe does.

The weekend prior...Ben, Sheila, and Christy were over for dinner.

Sheila and Baby B.

Christy and Baby B.

Feeding time.

August 01, 2009

Palisade Lake

We went backpacking in the Uintahs over the July 24th weekend. Although we had a great time....we did face a couple of challenges:
1-Gabe (our trail master) is having a hard time in his older age AND
2- The mosquito's this year... were downright awful.

Gabe and Sam leading the way

Sam just had to try to lay in every body of water that we came across. It was pretty funny. Poor guy gets hot so easily.

The pictures really don't do the beauty justice...this overlook was breathtaking.

This was (I can't remember the name) meadow

Palisade lake. Our camping spot was perfect. It was on a small cliff about 100 ft above the water. I don't think I could have asked for a more perfect spot.


Our campsite

Matt and the pups

Family picture...I love the little camera stand thingy Matt found for our camera. It's so flexible.


Dinner time.

Our chillin Rock.

Matt up at the break of dawn...I was still sound asleep in the warm tent.

Sam playing in the lake.

Nap Time.

We were worried about how Gabe would handle the hike back so on Saturday we decided to hike a portion of the way out to break it up for him.

More Family Pictures.

Our second camp site. This site was far enough from the lake that we were able to start a fire. This was a huge help with the mosquitos...for a minute anyways.


Matt once again up at the break of dawn.

Betsy Lake.

Our hike back ...the pups still leading the way.

Our trip home would not be complete without stopping to get the fattiest/greasiest meal we could find.