September 05, 2009

Car Camping

Willow Flats. We've been there several times. This time however, was the first time that both the weather and the road allowed us to explore beyond the two camping spots we were familiar with. The camping site we found was AMAZING!

Backing up a little. We arrived after dark and set up camp at a site we had stayed at previously. It is not our favorite place to camp, but since we no longer have a 4-wheel drive our car camping options are limited. As I crawled into bed...we received a surprise visit from our VERY LOUD, VERY DRUNK, hillbilly of a neighbor. Neighbors and camping don't really go together in the first place but like I said before...our options have been limited. But THIS neighbor.. This neighbor was ridiculously obnoxious! Needless to say, we went exploring for a new site first thing in the morning and was thrilled with the site we found.

The colors in the wild flowers were BRILLIANT.

My sitting spot.

Our Camp.

Sam Played ball until his pads were bleeding.

Wild Flowers

Matt brought a slingshot

Gabe keeping Matt company for some reading time

Campfire. Gabe thinks hes a lapdog

Bed Time

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