September 05, 2009

Lava Hot Springs

Only Four years of marriage and I can't remember what life was like before US. Our life together is everything I could have ever asked for. I won't lie...Marriage is work. But what we have...I wouldn't trade for the world.

We spent our anniversary in Lava Hot Springs.

Relaxed, Played with the pups, Took afternoon naps, Floated down the river, Made Pancakes, Listened to Music, Took Deep Breaths, Cuddled, Almost bought a Lottery ticket, Walked Main Street, Browsed Shops, Seen some deer, Stared at the Stars, Mooed at the Cattle grazing in the yard, Played Cards, and of course Soaked in the Hot Springs.

View from the patio


Breakfast on the patio

Family Pictures

We woke up in the morning to find a backyard filled with Cattle. Sam's instinct was to herd was hilarious.

On Monday, we decided to take the VERY LONG way home and explore some small towns.

Matt taught me how to drive his manual 5-speed car.

There were a few towns we visited but did not get a picture of the welcoming sign. We also stopped for lunch in Malad. Of the towns we visited, Corrine was the most appealing. Quaint and small but still a 15 minute drive to civilization.

I would LOVE to live in a small town some day.