October 22, 2010

A weekend with Little B

A few weeks ago, Matt and I got to spend the weekend with our nephew. He is growing up faster than I can keep track of. Looking forward to meeting his little sister in a few months!!

He is getting to be a pro and going up and down the stairs. I laugh every time he comes down the stairs.

Matt and the little guy playing their own version of Marko Polo.

October 16, 2010

Ruby Mountain Range July 2010

Yes, I do realize these posts are not in order. I am trying to catch up on some events that took place throughout the summer but am not doing such a great job at keeping them in order.

We went backpacking in the Ruby Mountain Range over the 4th of July weekend with a few of Matt's friends. This trip was fun overall and I wouldn't give back the experience but I must say upfront that I was misinformed about the weather conditions we would be camping in. I had no idea it was going to be cold! I did not pack for cold weather. I had only the liner of my coat and the zipper was broken. What can I say, it was July and Nevada. I never even thought to look at the weather. It didn't help that everyone was telling me I was crazy to go backpacking in Nevada, that I would die of heat. So I must say, I was shocked when I got out of the car and it was F'ing Freezing!

If you know anything at all about me then you know that I do not do well in the cold. I blame my mom for this. Growing up she hated the cold. If we went outside in cooler weather, she would bundle us up tight. If we were in the car, the heater was on high. We slept with multiple blankets. Our house temperature was always kept over 75. When we got home from being out in the winter, mom and I would turn the heater up and drape a sheet over it. We then napped under the giant bubble of hot air the sheet made. Knowing this, it should be no surprise that my ideal temperature is 85 or above. I wish it were different but its not. I honestly do not like being cold. I was a trooper though and despite some of the thoughts that went through my head, I did make it out alive and with all of my toes.

Matt and I at the trail head.

I have never hiked in snow before. I was terrified that I would fall and slide down into the frozen lake at the bottom of this incline.

This is the frozen lake I was terrified of sliding into.

Mike, Daina, Sam, and Myself.

A view looking down the incline.


Mike and Daina.
They are such great people and I must say they make an adorable couple.

Another lake. I think this place would be paradise in warmer weather.

Matt and I.

This tree was pretty cool as it had grown in the middle of a giant rock.

Almost time to set up camp. I was thrilled to see dirt. Up until this point, I was convinced we were camping on snow.

Sam on the contrary found his perfect temperature on this trip! I always feel bad on warmer trips because he gets so hot and uncomfortable. This trip however was completely different. I have never seen the dog with so much energy. He LOVED it!

Me in the tent.

Morning shot of the Lake we camped next to.

Another morning shot.

I will not deny the fact that it was beautiful.

We found a frog.

Oh come on....of course we had to catch him!

Matt and I still on a morning walk.

A backpacking trip would not be complete if Sam didn't get wet and roll in the dirt.

Matt and Sam.

Sam napping.

Time to go home. I won't lie. I wasn't heartbroken.

Matt. I love him!

After looking at these pictures I feel like I might benefit from posting a picture from our Dark canyon trip so here we go......

That's more like it *Big Smile*

Willard Bay August 2010

Unfortunately due to my fathers job, he is only home two times out of the year. Two weeks in the summer and two weeks around Christmas. In August, we spent some time with him boating at Willard Bay. Surprisingly, as I almost always have my camera on me on trips like this, I found that I only got a few pictures and none of them were on the boat. I'll have to have dad send me his.

My nephew. He loved taking pictures with the camera.

My Niece and Nephew. Aren't they just adorable?!!!
They are at such a fun age.

My two brothers taking nephew for a ride in the raft.

Boys will be boys. Brother found this dead fish and chased the kids around with it.

Overall, it was a pretty good trip. The weather was absolutely perfect!

September 30, 2010


My husband is involved in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.

He has been with his "little" as they call it for just over two years now. It is such an amazing experience to witness the progression in their relationship and the effect Matt has on him.

Matt, I truly admire you and I know that what you are doing and have done is making a dramatic difference in your little's life.

I love you.

September 10, 2010

Dark Canyon May 2010

Not by any choice of the hubby, we went backpacking in Dark Canyon over Memorial Day weekend. This is our third time hiking this trail and it is by far my all time favorite backpacking destination! Matt however does not share these feelings. But lucky for me, he loves me enough to suffer through it! There is a descent of about one mile of scrambling within the hike that really is no fun, but when you get the bottom it truly is my paradise. Hot weather with lots of pools of refreshing water!
Sam and I climbed up a rock next to a lake.
At this point, we are still on our way to the trail head.

Matt and I at the trail head.

Matt and Sam.

Sam and I.

A view down the canyon. Down the canyon and around that bend is where we camped.

Peace Rocks

This is a view upwards of the descent we had just come down.

This picture makes me feel bad that I love the warm weather so much when both Matt and Sam do not share my feelings. Poor Sam tried to lay down every time he hit a patch of shade ( which was sparse).

Sam was so happy to get the the bottom where there was water!

Best camping spot EVER!
This is our little cave that happens to be in full shade the entire day.
Did I mention that I LOVE this trip!

Sam resting on our air mattresses.

View from our cave.

I love him.

Sam and I in our cave.

Matt next to the fire.

A view of our campsite (totally hidden).

Pretty flowers.

We took a day hike up to some pools to swim in. This is the trail we followed.

Sam taking a dip in the water on our hike.

Matt caught a frog.

Matt going for a dip.

The water was freezing! It took me a long time to get all the way in.

Most of my time was spend lying on the warm rocks.
Is there a better feeling than lying on warm rocks?

These were the pools we went swimming in.

Matt also found a nice warm rock.

Sam and I on the way back to camp.

Sam next to some pretty wild flowers.

This was taken when we got back to camp.
I don't think I have ever seen the poor pup so worn out before!
The hot sand did a number on his poor paws.....I felt so bad!
Needless to say, he was spoiled with beef jerky at this point.

My very sad attempt at making jiffy pop.

Matt cuddling Sam on my favorite sitting rock.

We spent hours trying to catch a lizard. Never happened. Every time I got close I chickened out. This fear comes from when I caught a lizard as a child and its tail fell off. I didn't know at the time that this was a defense mechanism.

Another view of the cave. From here you can see inside.
Sam is chillin on my sitting rock.

It is so beautiful there!

Me relaxing with a book on my rock.

Matt and Sam.

Time to go home :(.
I was so sad to leave.
We decided to leave really early in the morning so that we could hopefully get to the top of that climb before the sun hit it in hopes of sparing Sams already sore paws.

We made it to the top!

Matt and I.

Awww....we made heart.

And here we are back at the trail head.

For those of you who know us, you may ask where Gabe is.
This unfortunately was our very first backpacking trip in which we had to leave him behind. It truly felt different hiking without our "trail master". I will never forget all of the fun times we had hiking with him, but will now begin to cherish ever second of cuddling him as we enter a new calmer time of his life.

Matt swears this is the last time we are going to go on this trip but I won't give up on trying to go again :).

Oh and how can we forget this awesome video of Matt and his little froggy friend!