January 01, 2010

Happy New Year

2010 is here.
It still sounds futuristic to me.
Time seems to fly by so quickly...almost like a blur.

2009 Highlights

We worked really hard all year towards our goal of paying off the house and discovering the freedom of being debt free! Our goal is to pay off the house by our 5th anniversary (Aug. 12th 2010).

June 11th marked one year since Matt and Zach found each other through the Big Brother big Sister program.

Tyler Moved in with us. Both challenging and wonderful times but overall it has been really great getting to know him all over again.

During a very hard time economically, we watched as our friends, family members, and co-workers were laid off from their jobs. Through this time, Matt and I have been very fortunate. We feel very lucky to both have somewhat stable jobs and have even been able to pick up a few side jobs.

We celebrated our 4th anniversary (Aug 12th) in Lava Hot Springs. It was very quiet, very relaxing, and very very romantic.

We worked hard at growing a garden. Although I think our gardens will forever be a work in process, we are getting better at it. We grew beets for the first time and they turned out wonderful (now if only I liked to eat beets). Luckily, Matt loves them. We turned our tomatoes into spaghetti sauce and are hoping to start bottling next year. Among those, we planted: Potatoes, carrots, peas, cantaloupe, and corn.

During the summer, Matt was able to go mountain bike riding on a regular basis. He started "Thursday Morning Rides" and has met a few great friends that share his passion of riding. He also built me a mountain bike. I am looking forward to trying it out next spring.

Gabe (our german shorthair) turned 12 years old and has very rapidly started showing his age. It breaks my heart to know that his backpacking career may be over and I can't imagine going on a trip without our "trailmaster". This has been very hard on both Matt and I, but we cherish every moment of him and spend a lot of time snuggling with him which seems to be his new favorite hobby.

Matt and I started an at home exercise program called P90X in October. We are 60 days into it and are feeling great about getting into shape and learning to eat better.

Hoping the new year brings us: Financial peace and A wonderful 5 yr anniversary.