July 31, 2010

Eight Months Later....

It's been eight months since my last post.
I know I say this often, but time seems to go by so quickly.
We may be playing the catch up game for awhile.

This year has been a great one so far.

I have the most incredible husband a person could ever ask for. He is kind, loving, and very patient. He understands how I think like no one else does. I only wish I could read him as well as he reads me.

I have the best dogs! They make me excited to come home every day. They both have the magic power to make me smile... even on the worst days.

I love Abbie (our cat) and she loves me too but only when
its convenient for her :).

I love my job. I can't say that I jump out of bed in the morning with anticipation of going to work, but it's a great feeling to wake up in the morning and not dread going to work. My co-worker Megan is wonderful and I couldn't ask for better bosses.

We have worked VERY hard on becoming debt free. Although it still hasn't sunk in, we will be completely debt free (including the house) by the end of September. Only two more months! It's been 2 and a half years in the works and I am so excited for all of our hard work to finally pay off!
All thanks to Dave Ramsey.

Posts of some of our last 8 months events to follow....


Zackira's said...

I just want to know how!

A Better No Tomorrow said...

Dave Ramsey...It's because of him that we are almost out of debt. Look him up!