September 05, 2010

Camping Down South (April 2010)

Our first camping trip of the season was in April. We decided to head south hoping for warm

Sam has to be in middle when we are driving.
He spends hours slowing creeping up to the front cab.

The first night we camped on the side of the freeway (literally). We arrived at night and was unable to find a good place to camp so we just pulled over and set up camp. Matt always gets up the second it starts getting light. I was still sound asleep at this time.

Random caves somewhere by Moab.

Me inside of the caves. The walls were fake...maybe an old movie set??

We stopped by a lake and had lunch while Sam played in the water.

My awesome family

Our next campsite was much more appealing. We camped in the La Sal mountain Range. We were unable to go to far into them as there was still a lot of snow.


Matt and Gabe warming up by the campfire.


Once again...Matt is up way before me. I always look forward seeing the pictures he takes while I am still sleeping.

On a drive the last day

Matt and I

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