September 06, 2010

Grouse Creek

In June we stayed at a cabin in Grouse Creek, Utah.
Grouse Creek is an ever so cute town in the absolute middle of nowhere land.
Population is approx. 60 (total)!
A view from the cabin

Each morning, Sam would start whining to go outside at the crack of dawn. And each morning I let him out to find random friends at the door waiting to play. Needless to say ...Sam had a blast!

For some reason we only took a few pictures during this trip...very unlike us!

These are some pictures from the first time we stayed in Grouse Creek (same cabin) back in February 2010.

The drive to Grouse Creek is anything but beautiful

Yep, I lost interest

Entering Grouse Creek

The cabin

A view from the cabin

The outhouse door was iced shut.
That is right....I used an outhouse and in full winter gear at that.

Grouse Creek is most definitely not the best place to be found with a flat tire. Luckily, we had just enough fix-a-flat to get us into town

Random dog coming to say hello as Matt is working on the tire situation

Our drive into town happened to land on Valentines Day. Matt drove up and down the street looking for a little ma and pa shop to have a Valentines breakfast. JB's was the only place open in town.

We stopped at a park to let the dogs play. As you can see, they were more interested in what Matt was doing than me taking their pictures


A short stop to look at an old cabin. The 360 views from this place were incredible.

Driving back towards Grouse Creek

Sam digging for the ball

Got it

Getting ready to head home


This is the town Country Store. It is not always open (as we found out when we discovered our flat tire).

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