October 22, 2010

A weekend with Little B

A few weeks ago, Matt and I got to spend the weekend with our nephew. He is growing up faster than I can keep track of. Looking forward to meeting his little sister in a few months!!

He is getting to be a pro and going up and down the stairs. I laugh every time he comes down the stairs.

Matt and the little guy playing their own version of Marko Polo.


Shanakin Skywalker said...

I like this entry. It's about how I'm feeling right now. I have been meaning to ask you why no more FB for you? That might be a personal question, so no worries if you don't want to answer. shanlot@gmail.com

A Better No Tomorrow said...

I got off of facebook because I started going through an anti-technology phase. I don't know why but I suddenly got this desperate urge to move to a small town and just get away from today's society. I am tired of my neighbors who couldn't care less who I am. I am tired of knowing what every person I have ever known in my past is doing every second of the day but never being friends in real life. I am tired of society that acting like they are so entitled. Anyways, my facebook ban only lasted a few weeks and I got back on. Not really so much because I missed it, but mostly because it was my main line of communication with my cousin and I missed our emails back and forth. I didn't know you could "disappear" off of facebook before I messed everything up. I'll log on and make sure your still on. If not, I'll add ya.

Zackira's said...

That is adorable! Move to Lake Point, everyone knows everyone out here.

A Better No Tomorrow said...

I actually wouldn't mind living in Lakepoint except the houses are above what I could afford.