March 12, 2011

Life is Good...

August 2010

Matt and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary!
We took a few days off of work and rented a cabin near Salmon, Idaho.
We had such a wonderful time. We even pampered ourselves with a massage package.
I would love to post pictures. However, our computer recently crashed and I'm afraid they may have been lost :(.

October 2010

We became debt free!!!!!

It took almost 3 years but I am so proud of us!
Inspired by the teachings of Dave Ramsey, we were able to pay off all of our consumer debt, our vehicles, and OUR HOUSE!

The hardest part of working to become debt free? Waiting. Waiting for each paycheck to come (even though we never seen it as it went straight onto our debt). Waiting to see the number decrease little by little, month by month. Waiting was hands down the hardest part for me.

The best thing about becoming debt free? When payday comes, we get paid! Payday is no longer just "Exchange Day". It is such a great feeling!

I can't express how fortunate I feel to have a husband who shares the same goals in life as I do.

Two quotes that helped keep me on the right path:

"Live like no other so that you can live like no other"
-Dave Ramsey-

"Live simply"

- the decal I have hanging on my wall at home-

This video is a great explanation of how I feel.

December 2010

We found out we are going to have a BABY!!!!

We couldn't be more excited!

Here is my 14 week baby bump picture :)

Tomorrow will mark 16 weeks!!!
In only 3 weeks, we will get to find out if we are having a boy or a girl!!

I absolutely LOVE being pregnant!!!

When I am having a bad day, I look down at my growing belly and everything is instantly put back into prospective.

Due Date is August 27th, 2011!!!

August is my favorite month of the year!
It's also the month we were married!!

Also in December 2010

We made an addition to our family.

His name is Winston.
He is an 11 month old German Wirehaired Pointer.
He was bred by his owner to be a hunting dog. However, Winston is gun shy and therefore, he was of no use to his original owner.

With Gabe being 14 years old and not into playing anymore, we decided to get Sam a playmate.
This is where Winston comes in.

I won't lie, we have been spoiled when it comes to dogs. Winston has been a little bit more of a challenge than we were used to.
However, overall he is a wonderful dog with so much potential.
He stays right by your side on walks and doesn't try to run if you take him out of the yard.
He is learning commands really fast.

The most challenging thing about Winston is that although he is completely potty trained, he has a hard time holding his bladder for long periods of time (for example: while we are at work).
Although, I am not a fan of kennels, we are using one in attempt to teach him how to hold it. So far, its about 50/50 on whether its working or not.

We already love him so much. I just know he is going to be a fantastic dog.
I am really looking forward to taking him camping and backpacking!


Meg said...

You and your hubby had such a good year! I am so proud of you. :D And so excited to watch you and Matt enjoy this new adventure you are heading towards!!

Shanakin Skywalker said...

Congratulations on reaching that debt free goal together. That has always been my greatest fantasy. I have quit hoping for us though. I'm married to a builder and, well... he builds and spends and builds. You get it.

It's so great you're feeling well and loving the pregnancy. I'd love to do it again but I'm older than dirt. My uterus would literally fall out of my body if I put something else in there.