April 02, 2011

Its a Boy!!!


On April 1st, we did one of the most amazing things I've ever done.
We had our ultrasound!

I somewhat knew what to expect going in for the ultrasound.
However, the feelings I experienced when I seen the first image of our little Beanie, I had never anticipated.

It's one thing to be pregnant and know that there is a baby in there somewhere, but be able to peek inside and see actual images of our baby...all I can say is WOW.

I think having our ultrasound was by far one of the most exciting things I've ever done!!
I felt like I had just gotten off of the most awesome roller coaster ride when we walked out of there!

I was 18 weeks and 5 days.
Our Beanie measured 19 weeks and between 2 to 4 days.
According the radiologist...all looks very healthy!

Here are just a few of the ultrasound images...

I just love this image of his little feet!!

He is covering his face with his arm.
Look at that cute little ear!!
I love technology!

These flowers and eclairs (well what was left of them after I walked in) along with a hoops and yoyo card were waiting for me when I walked into the office following the ultrasound.

Thank you so so much to my wonderful work spouse Megan!

The flowers at home and in a vase.
They are so beautiful!
Especially since I am craving warm weather so badly
and these flowers just scream SPRING!

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Sheila Mac said...

love the ultrasound pics!