April 03, 2011

Weekend Summary

It's Sunday night and the weekend is coming to an end.

Weekend Highlights include:
An abrupt change in weather. Mother Nature must have been looking for something to do. Saturday was absolutely beautiful! We cleaned out our cars, played outside with the dogs, and even laid on the grass with nothing more than jeans and a tank top on. Sunday however, was another story in itself. We awoke Sunday morning to find that our beautiful Spring grass had been covered in cold cold... did I mention COLD snow! We quickly found ourselves at the coffee shop for some warm beverages. No worries though, I have faith that warm weather will come. So much in fact that I bought a cute little springy looking bag today.

Also, while at Target today, we purchased our very first item for the Beanie.

Our nephew has a shirt with the same saying on it. It always makes me smile!

On Saturday I went to dinner with my dad, Chelsea, and her family. We went to Red Robin. It was my first time, and I fell in love very quickly when I discovered that they serve ENDLESS FREE FRENCH FRIES!!!! For anyone who knows me, they know that I have a very close relationship with the french fry! Needless to say, by the time my veggie burger came, I had a hard time finishing it as I had filled up on 2 baskets of fries :).

Sunday ended with a bang. Our dryer decided to finally cross over to dryer heaven. I can't really complain since it was given to us for free almost 6 years ago. It's just that right now we are at the point where all of that time we spent paying off our debt and never replacing any of our already used appliances is catching up to us. We have a laundry list of items in need of replacement. It was sooner than we anticipated, but today the dryer decided to jump to the front of our priority list. Matt has spent a bunch of time researching dryers so that our replacement will (cross our fingers) last a long long time.

Well it's almost 10pm and way past my bedtime.

Good night!


Zackira's said...

So excited! You are going to be great parents. I need to hear all your secrets about paying off your debt.

A Better No Tomorrow said...

Thank you! I can't tell you how excited we are!!

As for paying off debt. Two words: Dave Ramsey. He has a radio show on 105.7 FM from 7-10pm on weekdays. I love it and listen to it every chance I get. It was a caller on his show that inspired us. He has a whole step by step process to becoming debt free. I haven't read his book but I know people who love it. I would recommend looking him up!